Call for participation (extended deadline)

We are interested in receiving positioning papers that describe co-design practices and in critical reflection on practices, e.g. in comparisons between approaches or in combinations of approaches. Positioning papers (of approx 2 pages) can be sent to Marc Steen or Liliane Kuiper-Hoyng, before June 5, 2008. The organizers will select a maximum 15 people to participate and will notify them of acceptance before June 10, 2008. At least one author of each accepted paper needs to register for the workshop and for the conference.

About submitting positioning papers

Candidate participants are invited to write positioning papers, in which they address the topic outlined above and in which they describe their practice (one or more cases or projects) and in which they focus on the process, on what they did and on how they did that, and on reflection, a critical look on their practice. We are interested in diverse approaches, and especially in how they work out differently in practice and in comparisons between different approaches or in combinations of different approaches.

Here is a tentative and incomplete list of issues which one can write about in these positioning papers and which can be discussed during the workshop:

• Approach – Describe your practice, e.g. projects, cases, approaches or combinations of approaches, describe the methods which you applied or the tradition in which your practice fits;

• Results – Describe the results of a project in terms of how co-design helped to create these results and discuss what the project could or would have delivered without co-design or with different co-design approaches;

• Reflection – Unpack assumptions underneath co-design which normally stay implicit or unproblematic; reflect critically upon or rethink concepts that are central to co-design; articulate critical questions.

changed June 18, 2008